Webinars for Your Business

How Would You Like Access to 1 of 5 Easy Webinar Sub-Accounts?

I have an Easy Webinar commercial license. This license comes with 5 sub-accounts, so I’m able to network this resource.

The recent launch of Easy Webinar which ended tonight was priced at $397 for a single user.

My private offer is $197 for one year access to one sub-accounts. You can set up and run your webinars independently within my commercial account.

Sub-account users also get one level down access to the generous bonus training.

These videos clips from Casey Zeman will help you weigh the pros and cons of using Easy Webinar as one of my sub-accounts. Is the timing is right for you and your business?

If you’re not familiar with Easy Webinar but know your business will benefit from video broadcasting/marketing, you can get up to speed, save money, and have your webinar program written and ready to produce before summer ends. Historically, coaching programs are offered in fall well before Christmas, and again at the beginning of February in the sweet spot between filing taxes and getting a refund. Plenty of time to get your webinar series, your offers, and your marketing funnel ready!

Easy Webinar integrates with Google Hangouts. Haven’t hosted a Google Hangout? Practice is essential.
This video highlights features you can master without using Easy Webinar. You won’t have the same list-building power, but this is a free work around if you’re not ready to jump up to the level of my offer.

Zoom is another option to check out! Zoom’s Pro level monthly cost ends up being more expensive than my Easy Webinar offer. Need a monthly payment set up because of cash flow? Email me and we’ll work something out if I have any sub-accounts available.