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Do you dream of starting an online business that begins with a strong sense of purpose, lots of energy, clarity and efficiency and support? Great!

Still working at a job? Then dive into your business plan full force, getting all the moving parts in place as efficiently as possible so you can push “GO!” and transition to an income from your own business as soon as possible.

At Tech Talk Cafe, you can spend an entire day with a coach covering each key element of your online business. A seasoned entrepreneur and coach who has been exactly where you are now.

Meet with me in person at Wimer’s Mill just outside of Philadelphia, PA…or let’s meet online.

You’ll finish your coaching intensive knowing exactly what you need to do to get to the next level. Take action with clarity and ease. Make no mistake, being an entrepreneur and running your own business is intense, but it can also be great fun.

Here’s an example of why scheduling a VIP intensive with me as your coach can make a huge change in your new or existing business.


Client Julie has a successful custom ceramics company with a well-developed website. Over several months, Julie noticed a decline in sample orders from her website. During our intensive, we sat down together while I did a full audit of her website. During this audit, I discovered her website had been hacked. The site pages with details and redirects any customer would use to order tile samples were no longer visible! Julie was horrified, immediately put two and two together as to why her orders were down. In Julie’s business, a sample order leads to an order 50% of the time. A typical custom tile order is worth about $1,000.

This one corrective action saved Julie from an additional loss of thousands of dollars and saved additional future service expenditures, too, because Julie was ready to pay for additional SEO services. However, more traffic to her site would have hit a dead end with prospective customers unable to order samples.

Explaining what I do as a VIP coach to prospective clients can be challenging. This is an excellent example of what I do and the results and benefits for my clients.

Schedule a 30 minute consultation to discuss your goals. Call +1-267-325-6869

Or book a full day VIP Coaching Intensive (5 hrs): $3,000
or 1/2 day VIP Coaching Intensive 3 hrs: $2,100

A non-refundable deposit is required to hold your intensive reservation.

For established but “stalled” online business owners, a strategy sessions will help identify restraints and process friction. Sessions include one website audit.

In-person business strategy session at Wimer’s Mill: $1,500
In-person facilitated group creativity session at Wimer’s Mill: $875

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